The Beginning!

Paris, France

I chose this photo I took of a sign in Paris to accompany this post because I certainly feel an affinity to it.  It reads:  “Please do not park.  Car exit.”  and since I have never been one to park my mind or my body in one place for too long, it just felt appropriate.  Besides, my little Baby Blue (aka: my Prius) has been the means by which I have done so much of my traveling lately.  Barely 3-years-old and it already has almost 98,000 miles on it!

However, my preferred form of travel has always been by plane. And it is on one of those that I will be, in barely 2 months time, on my way to Myanmar (Burma), Thailand, Vietnam, Loas, Cambodia and China. A trip that will keep me away from home for over 35 days.  A trip I want to take each one of you on and have you delight -or not- in experiencing, touching, smelling, seeing, feeling and hopefully understanding and loving cultures that are so different from ours.

So, setting up the blog is the very first step in taking you with me on this journey.  Of course, considering I am absolutely technologically impaired, it may not be as easy as I had wished.  So I call my friend Carolina Groppa and merely yell (softly): HELP!!  She used to have a celebrity gossip blog and is adept in the blog world.  So here she is with the arduous task of initiating me in this blogging thingy.  We sit side by side, computers in front of us, in The Hollywood Corner while she tries not to be exasperated by my inadequacy in grasping even the basics.  I valiantly say that I think I can do this and we part with Happy Holidays wishes and my inner me thinking “Oh my gosh.  I’ll never be able to do this.” while I am sure hers is going “Can’t help her too much more on this… don’t think she can do it.”

Next frame is me writing my first post and being very proud of how poetic and funny my prose was, and pressing/clicking… the wrong button to publish it!   So my masterpiece is lost in cyberspace and I don’t seem to be able to recover it.   So I laugh at myself and rewrite, though this time in not so brilliant a manner.    If it takes me this long to post things on my trip I will be missing most of the sites due to the need to be indoors trying to get it right!

So I am left with promising you that you will see some pretty decent photos (I love photography and am sort of really good at it).  I promise you that you will read mostly my gut reactions to places and peoples and that I will write mostly from my heart rather than my brain, so I ask you to please disregard grammar, punctuation, and spelling oversights that may occur – something I am usually a stickler for.  Among my many talents 🙂 is that of editing scripts, proposals, treatments, etc.

Wish me luck… I am clicking on another button!



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6 thoughts on “The Beginning!

  1. Dean Preston

    Yay! Your first blog! And I think I’m the first to leave a comment. Nice start and I can’t to hear about your travels in Asia… oh, and view all your wonderful pictures too. (I like the snow effect – very cool)

  2. You are my very first comment Dean! Wish I could say you won a prize… but no, I did. So cool that my first comment comes from Australia and you.

  3. Richard Yniguez


    I always said you had a knack for getting it down on paper, so I see a cyber slate is pretty cool too! Nice beginning for sure and poor Carolina…oh well, you have to learn form somebody! I would call this a Picto-blob, since photos will be a very important part of your travels. Don’t forget to paint some of those pictures to share your other talent!!!! Mucho fun to you on your journey and it will be fun following you on this wonderful journey!!!!

    Big hug, Anag

    • Thank you Añag!
      I, by the way, was also feeling sorry for Carolina. She had mucho patience with me! Still have a lot to learn and am expecting a lot of glitches on this blogging business.
      I will be indeed painting and probably will do it from the million and one photos I will take!
      Great to know that you will be with me in this journey.

  4. I am on the trip with you in spirit and look forward to reading every word. Be blessed because you are a blessing to the world my friend.

    Tu homie

  5. Hello Homie (sorry, I should be more respectful… Hello DR. AC -love how that sounds-),

    Can’t be more honored and happy that you will be with me in spirit.
    I am blessed for having a friend like you!

    Tu “Homiette”

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