I have traveled since I was 2 and that makes me a veteran globetrotter (and no, I will not say how long I’ve been traveling but it has been maaaaaany years!) I have my father to thaImagenk for instilling in me the passion to discover other worlds.  He was the excursionist in the family, my mom was the follower, I had no say, so I became a little of both.  He was a bit of a nomad by nature and by profession.  He worked in the United Nations so I grew up in 10 different countries.  

 I have traveled with my parents, my partners, alone, to exotic locations and others not so much so. I’ve gone for pleasure, as well as in sorrow, and work.  I’ve gone by boat, by foot, by train, by car, and even by burro and any possible combination of. So you would think that the preparation of a trip of 35 days and 6 countries would not faze me one bit.  After all I’ve been a TV producer, where putting out fires and juggling is part of life.  Well, wrong

I sit at the Coffee Bean in Montrose, CA, with my iTunes full volume and trying really hard not to be overwhelmed by all the visa applications that I have to fill out.   I decide to “prepare” my space and in doing so manage to waste a good hour.  With my space organized I have no other excuse for not tackling this.  Do I need another cappuccino? No.  And my little heart starts beating fast.  Okaaay… they need all my main info and then exact dates of arrival and departures.  Uhh, I don’t really know that.  Concentrate.  Yep, here are the dates.  But not so sure how much longer I will extend this trip and where.  Just put a date!  Profession?  I’m self-employed: actress.  Will they question this?  Oh, they need my business permit if I’m self-employed.  Bank statement.  What?  Okay.  Where am I staying in Hong Kong? Oh no!  I know most of my hotels but yet haven’t decided on the Thailand or China part.   And the China visa has to be in a PDF file and every time I make a correction I have to start all over again.  Don’t think I’ll make it through this process so I may not have much to write about in future posts.  Ay, yay, ay!  (Please infuse a Spanish accent to the previous expressions.)

Cut to later in the night.  Most of it is ready to go, but the undercurrent of anxiety has not gone away.  Tomorrow I need to make copies and FedEx the applications to a visa handling company who will probably ask me: “Did a 2-year-old fill these out?”  Will keep you posted. 🙂

 Oh no… then it’s off to see what shots I need to have!  Malaria pills? I may just stay home!

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6 thoughts on “Procrastination

  1. Don’t stay home, you only go around once in this lifetime, I have always believed that one should run to a fight or a challange, remember you are in part doing this for those of us who sometimes live lives of banality and boredom. We need to know that some birds can actually fly.

  2. I like your philosophy Dr. AC! I completely agree. What I don’t agree with is that you could possibly, even at times, live a life of banality and boredom. You make many, many people smile and think about all issues with your articles.
    And on the flying part… don’t you have a nice motorcycle that provides you with that sensation?
    Thanks again for your words that hold a lot of truth and beauty in them.

  3. Richard Yniguez

    It’s obvious you have a life because you have problems to solve and the your future a better place! The read was a funny road through your anxiety…I loved it! I would’ve thought the travel company would have alleviated that kind of hassle? Did you try getting in touch with them? You know, it’s all good…you’ll be on the road soon and thumbing your nose at the rest of us! Big hug, Piri

  4. Loved that you loved it, Añag! I am 25 of my 35 days with the travel company (Unfortunately, they don’t deal with the visa process and I don’t blame them. It’s a pain in the you know what!) but, since I am traveling independently after that, even if they did deal with them, I would still be applying on my own for two countries and the ones that require more info than the others: Thailand and China.
    It seems so little time till I am on the road (actually, in the air, on a boat, on a private coach and on a train) but I can guarantee you I will not be thumbing my nose at any of you and instead will be taking you guys with me to experience everything of what I will!

  5. Ah, Lidia – You really are an inspiration. I’m sure this trip will be the best yet.

  6. YOU are the one that is a true inspiration girl! Hang in there!

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