Late Night Arrival in Bangkok… And Early Departure to Myanmar.

So I arrive in Bangkok after 21 hours of actual traveling.  It still hasn’t really hit me where I am yet.  Guess it will when I arrive in Myanmar tomorrow.

The first part of this journey will be with a small tour.  On the Myanmar pre-trip there are only 11 of us.  Traveled on the plane with one of the women on this trip.  Sat next to an aircraft engineer who is married to a Thai woman and who just returned from a year in South Africa.  He was in Hong Kong for a job interview for an American company.  It made the 2½ hour flight go by quick.  He was telling me about Thailand and its culture.  I got a kick out of the fact that he was quite impressed that I was an actress.   I thought being an aircraft engineer to be so much more laudable. Interesting how we give ourselves so little credit instead of recognizing that we are accomplished in our own right.

So I am in line chatting away with the lady I met that will be on my tour as we wait to go through customs.  I let her go first and then I go and the woman at the counter tells me that I need a yellow fever shot.  Oh no!  Mind you I went to a clinic to get all the shots I needed.  Three days before I saw something that said I needed it.  So I call the clinic and they tell me it’s only if I am traveling to South America and I think he said Africa.  Well it turns out that since I have a Paraguayan passport seems like I need one regardless.  Ay!  So she tells me there is a doctor in the airport I have to go to.  “But I am a legal resident of the United States.”  Even so.  I go.  He looks at me and stamps my entry and tells me to go back to the line this time no wait, go to the front.  And so it goes that I enter Thailand.  Joan, on the other side was getting worried she told me.  So sweet.  Now I am worried that this is going to happen trying to enter the other countries and on the next two times I am entering Thailand on this adventure.  Need you all to send good vibes, good thoughts and prayers so that I make it through without a glitch!

So we take our charter mini bus and arrive at the Pantip Suites in Bangkok.  It is 1:00 a.m. and it’s 85 degrees Farenheit.  They say that in Myanmar it will be 100 degrees with 75% humidity.  I am ready.  I really am.  Heat and humidity does not scare me.  Here are some photos of the hotel.   It has a bedroom, kitchen and living room.  The bed is ginormous!  Too bad I probably won’t be sleeping much in it since they pick me up at 5:30 a.m. and I am completely awake and not sleepy at all.  Think it will be another up-all-night nights!

The Football Sized Bed!

I will probably not be able to blog much in Myanmar.  Spotty internet and traveling all over the country these 7 days.  Will take loads of photos and report as soon as I return to Thailand, this time to stay for 3 days.   We are off and running!!  Hope you enjoy traveling with me.

The Living Room. Off to the side is a work room where I wrote this post. Place is humongous!

The Kitchen Which I Won't Even be Stepping In

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11 thoughts on “Late Night Arrival in Bangkok… And Early Departure to Myanmar.

  1. So glad you were able to continue the tour! Thank goodness for the authoritative direction from the Doctor. Hopefully you’ll find all the airports different. Gads, we have that in Canada – different location, different emphasis. Think positive!

    Wow – what luxury. This looks 5-star!

    • Hi Souldipper! My second name has been Think Positive for a while now. Well, maybe my thrid… 🙂
      I got into Myanmar fine. Let’s see what happens when I return to Thailand. I will continue to think positive. Thanks for the reminder!
      The hotel, I realize looks much more luxurious than it really is. But that football-arena-size bed is hard to forget. When I return to Bangkok I will actually get to sleep on it!

  2. Loving this, I was getting nervous for you at the airport a sympathtic reaction. I’m reminded of what Thoreau said, “The masses of men live lives of quiet desperation”, that is how I found myself today, you have set yourself free for many of us to follow. I would jump on the bed out of principal.

    Abrazos, Tu homie

    • Hey my dear Homie!!
      You are such a treasure of quotes and always at the right moment. Heading out to Yangon in a few minutes. I think I am…. I’ll leave the rest of the comment for when I write another post tonight, provided of course that I have a signal. So far as I write the power has gone off twice. Ah, the beauty of not so developed countries!
      And I WILL jump (up and down that is) on that bed and hopefully sleep at last when I return to Bangkok in 6 days time! My inner child would just not let up if I don’t!

  3. Think you will find Myanmar a bit different than expected. anxiously awaiting your impressions.
    So far enjoying every word

    • So wonderful that you are enjoying it!! if I must say that it really warms my heart. I so enjoyed reading about the time you were there… I mean here! Will have loads more to share by e-mail with you when I return.
      Thanks for coming along!!

  4. Richard Yniguez

    Great life telling here…you’re on a roll my dear! But you have to get some sleep to stay healthy and enjoy the trip!!!!! This is fun, loved the pics and the BED!!!!

    Big hug,


    • Isn’t it great? In one day in Yangon I must say I have soooooo much to share but they are picking me up now and will do so when I return.
      Lovely group actually and even with the stops and go (and any that may come) I am loving it. I have you to thank that I have so many virtual companions traveling with me since you were the one that always impulsed me to write!
      Big hug right back at ya kid!

  5. Nancy De Los Santos

    OMG! What a very cool introduction to your adventure! Of course, I miss you already – but am super excited to be taking the trip with you! Love your posts! Love you!


  6. Yes, my friend, must get sleep whenever you are able so you will not only hold up but will have the energy to climb any mountain;*) Huge bed! Glad to see you’re in comfortable surroundings. Take and show us lots of pics. Love you!

    • Today I have forced myself to not sleep until tonight. Maybe that will reset my clock. Dang I hope so ’cause there is so much to see and share with you all my friend!
      Lots of pictures coming. This land is absolutely amazing!!!
      Love you girl. Stay healthy, strong and happy, okay?

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