A Blue Day :)

We arrive in Rennes.  The apartment owner, an IT guy for public television there, meets us, gives us the key and we crash.  Train travel just seems to tire us much. We barely have enough energy to go to the local Carrefour to buy some essentials (directions given by the sweetest old lady carrying a bag of groceries).  Wish I could have photographed her.  Her smile just illuminated an otherwise plain face that has not weathered the passing years well. Her bent over body by the weight of the bundle and the crushing force of years on her shoulder generously stopped to guide us. A good omen.

We sleep.  We wake. After almost four weeks in Paris (with some side trips) it is kind of odd to be in another city. The day is beautiful and there is just no excuse not to go off and explore.

There is a park right next to us and it seems to be an oasis, a place of peace.  It is. As soon as I enter I notice this wall of climbing roses that is really beautiful.P1190370  P1190369 P1190368  I’m liking this Parc Hamelin Oberthür P1190378 quite a bit.  Would you believe this is their community center?  P1190372  P1190373 One heck of a buildingP1190377  I direct my attention to a game that is being played and that I absolutely have never seen before.  Just blocks of wood involved here. P1190375 Does anyone know what it is? I didn’t want to interrupt the players and ask. Now I am regretting not doing so.

I should have warned you but I have acquired a new obsession which is blue doors. So you will see a lot of them. Please just resign yourself to it. 🙂  P1190381  This town, as many others, has a Rue de Paris – where we currently reside. Something like Main Street in the United States or 10th Street (my GPS could always find one in every city and state.) I wonder how Daisy (my GPS has a name) is doing. This one caught my attention because it is blue but primarily because the graffiti turned into little hearts.  P1190382  I warned you, so here is another blue door along with windows to match. P1190386 I cross the street to photograph a garden by it.  That balcony up there seems just perfect to have some cheese, a baguette and wine at.   P1190390  This single family home stands out. P1190391 The front gate made of iron and flanked by beautiful yellow roses, my mom’s favorite.  P1190394  So toughtful of this town to place another sign so that I won’t get lost. This one is so French and almost Parisian in its white and black design. P1190398  Another beautiful home. P1190399 This is also a standard in France.  Rent-a-bikes.  First half hour is free and then you pay a nominal fee.  Wish I knew how to ride.  I can hear you snickering… please stop. I have a balance problem that never allowed me to learn. Really. P1190402

I think it’s a blue themed day; this car made everyone turn their heads.  P1190403  P1190408  Yep, definitely a blue day.  This is the door to the municipal pool.  How cool is that?

And of course the sky is as blue as it gets.   P1190413  We walk on and it makes me laugh to see this signage.  I thought Los Angeles parking signs were complicated! P1190416  We enter the street and it turns out to be such a wonderful surprise. P1190417

But first, another blue door.P1190421  The little cobblestone street we are on is super narrow and it’s not pedestrian only so it becomes a tango dance between cars, scooter, people, and café signs.  All careful to not kick each other in a misstep. In fact, Dean needs to move this sign, as we sit in our chosen bistro, so that this car could go through. P1190426  The meal is fantastic.  I have a salmon salad and a fried fish.  Just ultra yummy.  No guilt, for by now I have lost any feeble attempt I may have made on this trip of continuing to keep a healthy, low-caloric diet. P1190429 P1190431 Once well fed we carry on to discover some more.  P1190433  And discover we do.  A little festival of sorts P1190452 where farm animals and their babies are brought so that children and adults can see them.  Also there are fresh, organic, farm offerings of eggs, meats, jams, and breads as well as crepes and sorbets, but we have eaten so we pass by rapidly.

This little piggy went to market…. Remember the children’s rhyme done on their toes?

P1190436 P1190438

These are La Limousine cows. Original from Limousin and not the ones you can ride on. 🙂


These are examples of La Blonde D’Aquitaine.  P1190447 P1190448

We continue on.  What?  P1190455 And topple onto the most wonderful circle of buildings that I am smitten with.    P1190456

We enter an ice cream place that is all natural.  Sounds good.  And oh my gosh, was it!!!  Probably the best I’ve had on this trip.   P1190460   P1190459  I am loving the view of the plaza as well. P1190461 On home we go.  P1190464  As we walk a little balloon is floating in the air. We turn into children and play volleyball with it for a while.  Can’t show you photos because I was way too busy having fun!  This square signals that our street is not so far away.  P1190467

And I can’t resist but bring you another blue door before I close mine to sleep. P1190470

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6 thoughts on “A Blue Day :)

  1. Love that you discovered so many different blue doors!

  2. This place looks so magical. I think it’s fantastic how you notice the little things. By the way, I love colourful doors too. When I walk past work, I always look at the colourful doors and in the neighborhood where I work, they happen to be either blue and red. So gorgeous.

    • Bring them to us Christine! Would love to see your interpretation of them. Rennes was really a special place. 🙂

  3. Blue photos were beautiful, also that you showed us some roses, hearts from paint dripping off graffiti and the sweet baby calf!

    • I love your comments my friend. Makes it doubly special to know that someone is enjoying my travels with me!

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