Friendly Friday – Simple Joys

So I never hitchhike on another blogger’s blog but this was too tempting. The Sandy Chronicles puts out a challenge on Fridays to post photos depicting a weekly theme. I realized that my last posts were kind of on the too nostalgic/sad vein so I am counteracting them with this one of Simple Joys!

When I questioned this nun in Myanmar if she missed her family in her village she responded, “I am joyful here. I do not miss.” Her smile and earnestness gave me joy.

Same joy that I felt seeing this little girl’s smile in Laos. The one on the left wasn’t so sure about me…

Photography gives me joy. Though losing my external drive with most of mine made me pretty sad.
Eating gives me much joy as well. Oysters being one of my top favorites. These at a fish market in Sydney.
Sunsets give me joy because without them there are no sunrises. This one is in Long Beach, CA, U.S.A.
Traveling (while not so much a simple joy) makes me incredibly joyful. This is Paris.
And the ocean… ah, the ocean gives me so much joy. Photo credit of my friend and photographer extraordinaire, Johanna Siegmann
A graffiti in Buenos Aires that says: “Where I am Always Happy”

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11 thoughts on “Friendly Friday – Simple Joys

  1. Frank

    Nice Lidia!

  2. I glad that my challenge got you out of a sad vein. I enjoyed seeing your pictures of joy and it took me back to some of my favorite places! Thanks for joining in Lidia!

    • I was delighted to join in… and that I took you back to your favorite places. Thanks for the challenge. It was truly a joy!

  3. Sharon Anne Preston

    I love your transparent honest style of expression Lidia. You have a gift .Not only do you take the reader on a journey, you also let us into your heart. I have experienced the heartache of betrayal and difficult journey of returning to my authentic self. Something I believe you and I have in common. Coming out the other side and becomng free of the charm of a narcissistic personality is something to be proud of. If you ever want or need to talk about this shared experience i am here. Not just personally but also professionalljy .as a trauma informed mental health counsellor.

    • First and foremost, thank you for the compliment. It always warms my heart that a reader has been moved in one way or other by my writing and photographs. Many times I have opened my heart and felt quite vulnerable doing so. Yes, indeed, we have much in common. I would love to have the opportunity to chat on a personal level with you. I will send you a private message through Facebook. Perhaps it will go to your “other” folder. Check for it there.

  4. Most excellent. This is what a photo challenge is about, to make us see things, about ourselves and others. Thank you!

  5. Mary

    What wonderful pictures and I can see the joy in them. A travelers heart.

    • Aww, Mary we all need some joy, specially now! And YOU, as a loyal friend is a major source of joy!

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