Very Inspiring Blogger Award

I’ve Been Nominated!

How lovely it is when someone lets you know that they like what you do!  And when that something you do already gives you much joy by just doing it, it becomes a extra special!

Robin has nominated for the Very Inspiring Blogger Award and that makes it even more of a bonus… didn’t ever think I could be inspiring to others!

Please check out her blog where she tells the tales of dating over 50.  She’s such a fun read  Witlessdatingafterfifty

Here are the rules…

Here are the Rules to winning the award:

1. Display the award.  If you hover over the award it should link to Robin’s blog.  I say should because I am not that savvy on the blogging thingy.  🙂  If it doesn’t link directly check out her blog:

2. Link back to the one who nominated you.  That would be me.  🙂

3. Nominate 15 other bloggers who inspire and write well, for the award.

4. Notify these 15 and let them know they are nominated.  (For the record I am reducing that number to 10 or else this will never post.  🙂 )

And the winner is….    (aka: here are the blogs that I find inspiring):

The Wanderlust Gene  An Inherited Itch to Wander   The photos posted are beautiful and how can you not follow someone with the wanderlust gene?

Not The Family Business!  She writes about things that interest me and I love the sincerity and openness with which she writes them in.  And she has the cutest Great Dane puppy: Beau that deserves his own blog!

You’ve Been Hooked!  He brings us a look at a profession we rarely have an insider’s view of.   A bellman sees the essence of humans at their most raw/real point.  He recently has gone through much with a health scare with his wife and seems like a wonderful guy.

Attack Girl!  One Girl’s Journey to Overcome Anxiety and Panic Attacks!  Dani talks openly about the struggle to overcome anxiety attacks which is not something many want to admit or talk about.

A Farnsworth a Day   I love painting and photography and he blogs one a day.  Anyone that paints a painting a day has my respect!  And because I really enjoy his paintings.

this man’s journey  Because Mr. B studied medicine and I am so respectful of those who do, but mainly because his story is beautiful and he now is seeing the world through his son’s eyes.

Everywhere Once  They are traveling since 2010 and in an RV (thanks to their cats for that) while still young.

Soul Vision  Simply, because she is inspirational.

Red Velvet Ratatouille  A Southern’s Girl (mis)Adventures in France?  And she writes about food… I’m in!

Part of My World  I love her travels with the info that comes along with it and the fact that she works around work to do them.

So there it is.  I am honored to form part of this blogger world that has given me so much joy!

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